Sharon Katz & the Peace Train and The multicultural and Grammy-nominated South African band Sharon Katz & The Peace Train helped Nelson Mandela end Apartheid, and continue to spread the message of peace and reconciliation through music all over the world.   The group made history in 1992 when they formed and produced South Africa’s first, 500-voice multiracial choir, and then organized a courageous … Read More

Sonic Voyage Fest Photos and Photo art and logos at: target=”_blank”> Created Memorial Day 2015 by three incredible bands: Circuline, and Shadow Eden & Stratospheerius, Sonic Voyage Fest’s purpose is to create a night of music that dazzles with virtuosity, ignites the senses, and pushes boundaries. Writes ProgSheet’s editor John A. Wilcox, “Sonic Voyage Fest was like General Tso’s chicken: spicy, filling, … Read More


Now in its 46th year of live performances, Orleans has produced a body of work spanning 16 albums and several DVDs. The band’s music is still being heard on national radio and TV, and continues to influence new generations. Live, the band has performed with Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Little Feat and more recently Christopher Cross, Firefall, Poco, Al Stewart, Ambrosia and— … Read More

Firefall Very few legendary rock groups boasting a string of 1970s’ hits contain three original members over four decades later. Even fewer have a new album that vividly captures the sound and power of their best-known classics. Firefall has both. That’s reason for serious celebration from their loyal fans. “It’s time,” says Jock Bartley, Firefall’s lead guitarist … Read More

David LaDuke

I’ve been a cheerleader for a range of independent Midwestern rock stars through the years. One was Louisville, Kentucky’s David LaDuke. His energetic hard rock & roll guitar and screeching lead vocals adorning meat and potatoes’ songs excited me. I still love his unique blend of 1970s’ guitar Zeppelin meets Elvis Presley’s stylings. Yearnful, intimate, rocking. To quote Soundtrack Journal, … Read More

Beverly Garland

Beverly Garland’s YouTube Channel and job, “I Love To Draw Cats” is a multiple winner. Most recently she was a triple threat in this year’s Cat Writers Association Muse Awards. Her YouTube channel shows Beverly, the pencil artist, in action. She tells stories about the cats she draws them for her adoring fans. ILoveToDrawCats’ YouTube channel and ( won: The … Read More

Andrew Alling

Everyone of Us, a 10-song, Indie folk rock album. Everyone of Us is a compilation of themes of struggle, ranging from issues of gentrification, “College Town”; the Me Too movement, “Maiden Voyage”; and the spunk required to live as an independent musician found in the songs, “On the Road” and “Mama’s Broke.” Alling currently resides in Ithaca, NY, where he … Read More

Ian Anderson

IAN ANDERSON BIOGRAPHY  Ian Anderson, known throughout the world of rock music as the flute and voice behind the legendary Jethro Tull, celebrates his 50th year as an international recording and performing musician in 2018.  Ian was born in 1947 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. After attending primary school in Edinburgh, his family relocated to Blackpool in the north of England … Read More

Rolling Stone Life and Death of Brian Jones

Dudeski/Chip Baker Films is proud to announce the official release, today, June 12, of their latest project “Rolling Stone Life and Death of Brian Jones,” a Danny Garcia film. “Rolling Stone Life and Death of Brian Jones” is the first documentary about Brian Jones, the founder and original leader of The Rolling Stones. “Beautifully put together and engrossing from start … Read More

Joe Olnick

JOE OLNICK, Bio IGUANA, Joe Olnick’s seventh (and latest) fusion album is a natural evolution of this guitarist’s music and career. His last album DOWNTOWN intensified his reputation in the Mid-Atlantic region, plus found him airplay across the United States from Alaska to New England to Texas, the Midwest, New England, Pacific Northwest, Middle Atlantic, and many states in between. … Read More