Doctor Fish (aka Dr. David Fish)

Doctor Fish’s Renaissance Records debut reveals a proud musical throwback—a guitar-wielding, storytelling folk-rock singer-songwriter. No fake retro act; he’s one of the last surviving purveyors of a style of music made famous by Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Paul Simon, and Gordon Lightfoot. The road to Doctor Fish’s debut has been long and winding. As he sings … Read More

Robeone (aka Robert Schindler)

New Robeone Album “Dream Suite” All Sales Go to the Bob Moog Foundation to Help Educate Children Robeone, “the Patron Saint for the Bob Moog Foundation” is releasing a new album, “Dream Suite,” on Transglobal Records / Orchard/Sony. He’s making it available only through the Moog Foundation’s website at Note well that 100% of all the album’s sales will … Read More

The We Remembers

“We Remember: Songs of Survivors,” is a recent PBS Documentary that shares the stories of Holocaust survivors through songs written in collaboration with singer-songwriters. These songs, filled with joy and healing, celebrate the extraordinary lives of this resilient generation. The We Remembers–the four musicians who participated in this project are Elizabeth Clark, Jude Roberts, Kelleigh McKenzie, and Michael Veitch. The … Read More

Seeds Under Nuclear Winter an Earth Opera

Created over the past four years by world and sacred music composer often known as Mamalama, Elizabeth Clark’s Earth Opera shows stories of rebirth and hope in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. She says, “The theme centers on finding light and beauty in the darkest times, leaning into how connected we all are to each other–and to every living thing.” The immersive … Read More

The Rascals Featuring Felix Cavaliere & Gene Cornish

The next chapter of The Rascals is about to begin – two of the founders of this legendary rock ‘n’ roll band are once again taking to the stage to continue their legacy that started 57 years ago. With No. 1 songs like “Good Lovin’,” “Groovin’,” “A Beautiful Morning,” “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long,” “People Got To Be Free,” and … Read More

Robin Lane

“No one forgets the first time they heard Robin Lane; it’s like losing your virginity,” writes Peter Felcknor, a long-time superfan, upon hearing Robin’s new album, Dirt Road to Heaven, out today-August 12, on Red on Red Records. The album’s theme, writes Boston Herald’s Brett Milano “is she’s still the musical friend who’ll join you walking that dirt road.” He … Read More

Blue Largo

Alicia Aragon, vocals Eric Lieberman (guitar, leader), Mike “Sandlewood” Jones (Fender bass) Dave Castel De Oro, (sax) Eddie Croft, (sax) Marcus Bashore (drums) Taryn “T-Bird” Donath (piano). Blue Largo is on a mission to bring love and harmony back into our world. For the Americana Soul band’s new album “Got To Believe,” founder/guitarist Eric Lieberman wrote the song “A World … Read More

Kathy Zimmer ~cosmopolitan folk in your ears~ Kathy Zimmer is recommended for fans of Phoebe Bridgers, Joan Baez, Kacey Musgraves. Equipped with beautiful storytelling talents and an enchanting voice, the NYC-based singer-songwriter Kathy Zimmer fuses folk with pop, and describes her style as “cosmopolitan folk.” Think: sophisticated, sincere, smart, accessible with a variety of identifiable influences including country … Read More

Tempest The Bay Area Celtic Rock Band Tempest’s album “Going Home,” on the group’s new record label Celtodelic is co-produced by band leader Lief Sorbye and Robert Berry (3, December People) in November and December of 2021, the album is best described as “Euro Celtic,” as Tempest incorporates more Scandinavian and British Isles material into their brand of Progressive Folk … Read More

Indie Collaborative The Indie Collaborative was founded in 2015 to be the vehicle by which independent musicians and industry professionals could find each other, and form lasting bonds of friendship. We manage our events and public information here on this website and on our public Facebook page. Using our website and social media platforms, our members can find collaborators to write … Read More