The Traveling Jewburys

The Traveling Jewburys, from the rolling hills of the northwest Bronx, will perform some of the favorites that have appeared on their LIVE AT THE BITTER END CD, recorded at the club in 16-track digital audio, over the course of four memorable nights in 2018. They will also play tunes from their self-titled debut CD release of 2012. Both CDs, released via Cherry Cobbler Records, will be available for sale at MMNY.

The Traveling Jewburys comprise: Cannonball Jewbury (alto saxophone), Clarence Jewbury (12-string guitar, vocals), Earnest Jewbury (bass, vocals), Howlin’ Jewbury (rhythm guitar, vocals), Loretta Jewbury (vocals, percussion), Slim Jewbury (vocals, percussion), and Sneeky Pete Jewbury (lead guitar, vocals).

The TJs are brought to you by: Arthur Levy, Craig Robins, Dave LaDue, David Whyne, Deborah Lupkin Unger, Kerry Elgarten, and Ron Minkoff.