Dan Spencer, Best Music Coach

The 14 Unshakable Laws of Learning Music
by Dan Spencer
How to Master Any Instrument and Singing in 5 Minutes a Day

This book will show you how to quickly teach yourself using apps, books, courses, and the internet…and how to recognize when it’s time to use a music teacher.

Learn music in only weeks instead of years.

Save thousands of hours and dollars by avoiding the mistakes many others and I have made so you can reach your dreams…fast!

Set your goals so you can pick what is important to practice, so you can finally overcome the things that have been holding you back.

Practice for 5 minutes a day so you can always find the time which means you can stop thinking about practicing and actually do it.

“The amount of wisdom, empathy and knowledge present in this book brings me to tears. There’s so much healing and instruction about music AND LIFE present here that I’d refer anyone to it without reservation.”
-Bob Halligan Jr., Platinum and Gold Record Songwriter KISS, KIX, Cher, Judas Priest, Kathy Mattea, Ceili Rain

“…anyone who applies the information and approaches presented in this book can turbo-charge their progress as a musician, reach their goals sooner and enjoy playing music more than ever before.”
-James Shipway, Author of the “No Bull” book series, Creator of the “Total Guitar Lab” online guitar academy

“The 14 Unshakable Laws of Learning Music is invaluable for anyone who ever had the desire to become a better musician, both hobbyists and professionals.”
-Joe Deninzon, Violinist/Singer/Guitarist, Kansas, Stratospheerius