Melodic Revolution Records (Amplified Distribution)’s WTF Was That?! is the fourth, and latest, recording from Ohio Valley based art-rock collective, Colouratura (Nathan James (vocals, bass, some piano) Derek Pavlic (guitars, synths, viola), and producer Ian Beabout (flute, backing vocals, synths, and editing).

The album WTF Was That?! is a collection of songs the band created throughout 2022-2023. It is a very modern album, grappling with topics such as the threat of war, the effects of the coal industry on Appalachian families, bad weather and the increasingly worrying state of the environment.
The music video, “Sleeping Giant” is a flow of animation in lucid stream of consciousness vibe, which was how Nathan followed his intuition while writing the song, “It started life as a bass lick I liked, and once Derek got his hands on the recording, it blossomed into the current form. I knew I wanted to write something about the current climate crisis and the malicious indifference of the people causing it – and this ended up being the right number for that.”
In addition to these worldly topics, Colouratura celebrates Ohio Valley folklore with the song, “Mothman,” an upbeat funk-rock and soul track. The song is about the mythical cryptid, said to have originated in Point Pleasant, WV and spotted as far away as Chicago, IL. Already the song’s been played on AM radio Coast to Coast and enjoying airplay on a variety of internet stations.
Music fans appreciate Colouratura. Writes Bandcamp supporter Steve Robey, “The band show their diversity especially well here. The sense of fun and adventure that ruled in 1970s rock is evident, from early Jethro-Tull-like riff rock (“The Flim-Flam Man”), to dark introspective ballads (“Toy Soldiers,” “Away”), to enchanting guitar/flute instrumentals (“Palace of Blood”), to quirky synthesizer fun (“SIMR”).”

Included are album notes from group leader/producer Ian Beabout. They’re worth reading for fans and musicians interested in the group’s story, the album’s songs, and the creative process, especially band members collaborating with what they’re creating—the album’s songs. Read the liner notes on Colouratura’s Bandcamp page at

“Honest 70s-style rock music with nods to early Wishbone Ash, early Tull and Traffic even as hints of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Anekdoten creep in here and there. A thoroughly satisfying listen!”
-Steve Roberts, ZNR Records