Ceili Rain

Ceili Rain’s ninth studio album “Crash This Gate” is out on streaming media and available for sale at concerts and mail order. Produced by the band’s leader/songwriter/lead singer/keyboards/guitar/percussion Bob Halligan Jr and mixed & mastered by Roman Klun, these 12 songs are the first new material from the group in 9 years. Bandmates are Raymond Arias (guitar & vocals), Burt Mitchell (tin whistle, flute, Highland bagpipes), Bill Bleistine (drums), Joe Davoli (fiddle, mandolin), and Kevin de Souza (bass & vocals).

In keeping with the band’s motto “For kids from 3 to 93,” “Crash the Gate”’s life-affirming songs are motivational—simultaneously informing our life journeys and making our pathways easier to negotiate. Three songs memorializing the pandemic (“Ten Million” “The Once-and-Future Human Race” and “One Pull Nearer the Shore”) mark the difficulties and triumphs of humanity through that crisis.

The album’s title track “Crash This Gate” speaks of unstoppable & unconditional love. “It’s You I Love About It” illustrates ways in which we identify ourselves and others in art. “Birdhouse,” co-written with Bob’s wife Linda, has a message of accepting differences; the song is being developed into a children’s book.

“Love Corporation” addresses earthly priorities. “I Can Believe” suggests we HAVE to believe to survive. “Used to Be White” celebrates an awakening to diversity & inclusiveness. “My Specialty” is an ode to married romance. “Fall to You” talks of finding identity & meaning through a committed relationship. “Twenty Seconds” is a rousing call to arms to stand up to adversity with cheers, bagpipes, wailing fiddles, guitars, and triumphant drums, “Twenty seconds of courage is all you really need!”

“Crash This Gate” features guest appearances from Gary Frenay & Arty Lenin (The Flashcubes) Maureen Henesey (Mere Mortals) & Nick Piccininni (Yonder Mountain String Band), and Michael Roddy (Arise & Go) on Uilleann Bagpipes.

Ceili Rain enters its 28th year with “Crash The Gate,” which is being sold through their website www.ceilirain.com. It’s streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and all other digital platforms.

Bob Halligan Jr. has written 1,100 songs, 200 of them recorded on various albums, over 30 million units sold, 9 GOLD or PLATINUM records. Artists that have recorded Bob’s songs include Cher, Michael Bolton, KISS, Judas Priest, Joan Jett, Night Ranger, Kathy Mattea, and many others. Movies featuring his songs include “Iron Eagle” “Light of Day” and “Wayne’s World.” For 12 years, through 2019, Bob was an adjunct professor, teaching classes on songwriting, film scoring, the music business, and the Beatles at Syracuse University.