Rita Coolidge

″…one of the most versatile singers of the rock generation…″ Rita’s credentials are the stuff of legend. Her music is adored by many as she still tours all over the world. Recently her memoirs DELTA LADY written w/ Michael Walker tells the story of a singer of Native American heritage from Tennessee. After earning a degree in art at Florida … Read More

Gary Lucas & Jann Klose

Gary Lucas & Jann Klose STEREOPTICON (Cosmic Trigger Records/The Orchard), by guitarist Gary Lucas and singer Jann Klose, features 10 songs they’ve collaborated on the past three years. The album was recorded in New York City’s premiere analog studio The Maid’s Room in September 2014 and June 2015. STEREOPTICON is now available on Amazon at www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018ZPIXGE and at itunes.apple.com/us/album/stereopticon/id1065240432. Jann … Read More

The Strawbs

www.strawbsweb.co.uk “Brilliant.”  “Spellbinding.”  “Original.”  “Passionate.”  These are words that respected music journalists have used to describe Strawbs live…today. With five decades of colorful history behind them, Strawbs evolved from 1960s British Folk Movement roots to a powerful and enduring force in progressive rock music. Led by the charismatic Dave Cousins, who has been called the most talented Dylan-influenced songwriter to come out of England, Strawbs … Read More

Vonda Shepard

Vonda Shepard After just having raised the funds through Kickstarter to make her 14th album, Vonda and her band are touring all over the world in support of their new album, Rookie. It’s a title that bears no little irony, since last year marked 25 years since the release of her self-titled Warner Bros. debut. Being of independent ways and … Read More

Ryche Chlanda

Ryche Chlanda Ryche Ryche Chlanda is an accomplished guitarist. He has been a musician, vocalist, songwriter, composer and producer for over thirty years. He was a founding member of America’s first progressive rock group, Fireballet, in the 1970’s. The band’s first album, Night on Bald Mountain, was produced by King Crimson founding member Ian McDonald who went on to additional … Read More


Dean Madonia’s FRANKENSTEIN Dean Madonia’s new album, Shadow To Shadow: Dean Madonia’s Frankenstein will be performed live this year. Stay tuned for announcements including names of musicians involved. Dean Madonia’s Frankenstein follows the tradition of most progressive bands including Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, Kansas, Kevin Gilbert, Jethro Tull/Ian Anderson, Styx, UK, Dio, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd who have … Read More

Grand Funk Railroad

(Left to right: Bruce Kulick, Mel Schacher, Tim Cashion, Don Brewer, Max Carl) Grand Funk Railroad “You cannot talk about rock in the 1970s without talking about Grand Funk Railroad!” –David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine, April 3, 2003 Originating from Flint, Michigan in 1969, this top selling American rock group of the ‘70s is “COMIN’ TO YOUR TOWN TO HELP … Read More

BKK (w/ Bruce Kulick)

BKK (w/ Bruce Kulick) Before Bruce Kulick became a member of the legendary rock band KISS, touring and recording many hits during the 12-year non-makeup era of the band, Kulick started out in NYC, fantasizing about being on stage, recording and having the world hear his passion for music. Little did he realize that every musical experience he encountered, especially … Read More

Fly Paper

With soulful vocals, a fusion of fierceness and elegance in its guitar sound, and a high energy rhythm section, Fly Paper continues to inspire crowds throughout the country with songs in the alternative rock genre. Lead singer/guitarist Micaela Kingslight’s voice is often compared to Fiona Apple, Sade, and Norah Jones. An acclaimed guitarist, she teaches at Kalamazoo College, Crescendo Academy … Read More