rampd.org A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO RAMPD: RECORDING ARTISTS AND MUSIC PROFESSIONALS WITH DISABILITIES WHAT IS RAMPD? RAMPD (Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities) is a fast-growing coalition dedicated to making disability inclusion and access a reality in the mainstream music industry. It was founded in May of 2021 by award-winning recording artist and advocate Lachi after a public talk … Read More

Michael Veitch

Michael Veitch can’t help but to look at music from all sides. This year–the same year that he’ll be appearing on PBS’s upcoming series about songwriters co-writing with Holocaust survivors, he will release an album with the title, “Wachtraum,” which means “days of dreams” in German. “Wachtraum”’s theme focuses on his writing and beautiful tenor voice’s reflections on unique qualities … Read More


“Nightclubbing” is the first ever documentary about the renowned New York City nightclub Max’s Kansas City and the indelible impact it has had on the world of music, fashion, art and culture. As legendary Alice Cooper puts it: “A million ideas we’re launched back there”, referring to the Max’s Kansas City famous backroom where Andy Warhol held court with artists, … Read More

Brijitte West

brijittewestmusic.com Brijitte West’s “LOCKDOWN” EP is out. Most of “LOCKDOWN” was written and all of it was recorded during the lockdown of 2020. “So much of this album is a desire to connect with people,” says Brijitte, who was the dynamic frontwoman for the 1990s band New York Loose. NY Loose is most known for “Year Of The Rat” on … Read More

John RoyZat

royzat.com A little bit about me: I have been performing in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, since the 1970’s. Kate Wolf recorded my words to the song Midnight On The Water for her second album – with me playing fiddle – and the song has since been covered by Banish Misfortune, Caroline Herring and others. My newest CD, … Read More

The Love Kills Theory

“Happy Suicide, Jim! is probably the most important album of the year. It is certainly one of the best.” – Dont Magazine the love kills theory is an alternative rock band originally based in New York City. They were formed in 2006 by Cevin Soling. In January 2007 they released their debut album Happy Suicide, Jim!, a thirteen track CD … Read More

The Traveling Jewburys

The Traveling Jewburys, from the rolling hills of the northwest Bronx, will perform some of the favorites that have appeared on their LIVE AT THE BITTER END CD, recorded at the club in 16-track digital audio, over the course of four memorable nights in 2018. They will also play tunes from their self-titled debut CD release of 2012. Both CDs, … Read More

The Kings

thekingsarehere.com The Kings were formed in Vancouver, British Columbia and Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Original members were David Diamond, lead vocals, bass guitar and songwriter, Sonny Keyes, vocals, keyboards and songwriter, Max Styles, drums, and Mister Zero, guitar and songwriter. The Kings were originally known as WhistleKing and rehearsed, did club gigs and wrote lots of songs for more than three … Read More

Hank Wedel

Hank Wedel was born in Dayton, Ohio, USA, in 1963. Raised in New York City and Mallow County in Cork, Ireland, he is now based in Cork. This songwriter/vocalist/guitarist/ recording artist/bandleader has performed thousands of gigs from The North Pole to Lanzarote, from Oklahoma to Azerbaijan, solo or with bands. His regular shows have been with his bands–Princes Street, Open … Read More

Bronx Toastmasters Club of Riverdale Club

>We’re celebrating our 21st Year in the Bronx. Please join us at bronxtoastmastersclub.org/agenda.htmlOur previous Public Relations VP, Annie Connolly placed our club in both the Norwood News and the Riverdale Press. riverdalepress.com/stories/toastmasters-live-on-to-speak-up-another-day,75029?